My name is Sarah. I'm 19, and about to go into the US Navy. Eventually I'd like to teach at a Deaf school, but I'm going to serve my country first. I'm a lesbian, and bit of a dork. Not much else to it I guess XD

Sooo…as some of you know, I’m enlisting in the Navy.

Next month I’m going to MEPS as soon as my exams are over. On day one they’ll give me the ASVAB again, and then day two will be medical exams and what not. Then I’ll get to choose my rate and they’ll tell me when I ship out. I’m excited, and very nervous. No one outside of tumblr, except family and one of my other friends, knows and I plan to keep it that way until I go to MEPS. I wont risk someone trying to talk me out of it.

It’s time to go. 

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